Rejected application

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There’s not a lot we can do to help you I’m afraid as we are just customers of Monzo. Perhaps you just don’t meet their criteria.

Have you got an account elsewhere? I assume you would know if you had a market next to your name? Perhaps try to get an account at another bank?

Have you checked your credit report to see if there’s a cifas marker?

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Download Credit Karma and see what that shows. Click the view my full report and scroll down to the bottom to see

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Why would you be scared about a cifas marker without any indication you have one?

A old friend of mine (who isn’t my friend anymore) told me he needed to pay for something and he would send me the money so I allowed him then to find out my starling account got closed a few days later because of fraudulent activity and I’m only 16.

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Check your credit report as mentioned above, it takes two seconds. Then you’ll know instead of worrying and guessing.


Like this?


I have tried checking my credit score but I’m too young to check as I’m only 16.

Something like that he just said he needs to transfer money and because we were good friends for years I let him.

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Can we cut the unhelpful comments please.


After a quick Google it would seem that you can ask Cifas directly if you’re in their database :slight_smile:


if a bank rejected you for opening an account there’s really nothing else you can do because the bank would not tell you why you was rejected, so you need to go elsewhere and try to open an account and because your account with starling got closed for suspected fraud they will definitely report it to cifas and that will affect in a negative way, usually it can take up to 30 days for credit reference agency to update their information.

If you have a Cifas marker for first party fraud it won’t show on any of your credit files.

As @Ordog said, you need to contact Cifas directly and see what they hold on you…