Regular payment at a certain time of day or after an event

Here is the scenario:
Mortgage payment goes out of a different bank account on same day as my pay goes into my account
I setup a standing order for the day my pay goes in to transfer money to cover mortgage.
It failed due to a lack of funds even though my salary went in as expected.

I assume that the standing order trigger fired before my salary went in so I can see 2 potential fixes:

  • allow a standing order to be set at a time of day as well as a date. I could set this to be 6am to avoid this issue
  • better solution, allow a payment to be trigger upon receipt of salary. Could be done either by IFTTT which you already support but isn’t an option (I’ve checked) or make this an option in the app, something like a triggered payment where you can set basic prerequisites like pay this amount on the first of the month as soon as I have enough funds or when I get money from C company etc.
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I think there’s already some discussion on this, here:

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Standing orders go out at 3am (slightly after in practice). See the proof attached from Lewis.Screenshot_20181026_141142 However that doesn’t really help if your scheduled payment was not paid despite having enough funds. Did you definitely set it up for the correct date? I had a failed scheduled payment set up yesterday that didn’t go out but that was because I stupidly scheduled it for the following Thursday. The date isn’t shown anywhere unless you click on edit payment.

Cheers Tom. I did a search before posting but clearly missed the topic. Feel free to merge if you’d like.

I’ve double checked and it was set for the right day. It actually failed and I got a notification of the failure due to a lack of funds when I checked this morning but my account balance was now well in excess of what I needed to cover the standing order. I can only assume that my salary gets paid in after the standing order tried to go out.

That is weird. I hope you managed to do it manually and pay your mortgage on time.

Yeah I did. Got a grumpy text from my other ba k about being over my O/D limit but no charges and mortgage was paid ok. I’ll contact the mortgage company and get the mortgage date moved as I can’t risk this happening too often in case the bank don’t pay it. A bit frustrating though. :frowning:

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I have screen shots showing the events but don’t want to share on here as it has my pay and so on…but can share with Monzo support if that would help investigate if something is wrong or if I was just unlucky with my pay going on Kate or something?