Regarding the SWIFT Message

Hello All,

I need to know that after the amount transferred from monzo app. Where i can find the swift message. I don’t need swift code. I need to know the swift message to show in the bank.

I’ve never heard of a swift message before, what are you trying to achieve with it?

Google says:

I don’t think it’s displayed anywhere in the app though :thinking:

Hey @Mayank

What should this ‘SWIFT’ message entail, are you looking for a confirmation to send to the recipient to say that you’ve made the payment and confirm the amount etc?

Have you tried clicking on the transaction on the app and seeing what information it shows (I have never made or seen an international payment on the app so Im not sure whether it will just display it has a wise transaction or a IP bank transfer).

Monzo is not connected to SWIFT. Processing is done either by Wise or NatWest. So the only thing you can show is transaction confirmation from Monzo. But they themselves don’t have access to SWIFT messages.