Regarding pending transaction

I bought two tickets from avanti west coast they deducted 96£ but the ticket was not confirmed and the web page was reloaded . I never got the ticket and called them they said they had problem with their page and hence the money is on pending and we will not claim it should return to your account within 48 hrs . But it has been 7 days and i haven’t received it back on my account . Its still there as pending what shall i do??

Help article states it’s could take up to 2 weeks, you could tap the transaction and hit the Something wrong or whatever it’s called and see what you can progress doing it that way.

Might lead you to support who may possibly help or may just say you need to wait for the 2 week period to pass.

If you’re got evidence you could provide that in the hope of speeding up the process.

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Thanks I have requested a dispute

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