Refund reminders

(Steven) #1

Hi all, just a quick one from personal experiance. When getting a refund from something tat you have recently bought it can sometimes take 5-10 days before they even decide to send you the money (if they do at all :confused: ). The the idea is to flag a previous purchace as up for refund where after x amount of days if the refund of that amount has not come through then the app will send a reminder to say so that you can follow up if needs be.

(Franky Athill) #2

The same reminder system could be used for split bill requests that your friends have forgotten to pay you back for, giving you the option to nudge them.

(Zainab Khan) #3

@divergentlepton that would be handy - good idea !

@frankyathill also something we’ll consider as we build on bill splitting, so that you can see who’s paid out of your friends.