Referring A Friend

I have a friend who’s interested in Monzo. How can I recommend them please?

Thank you very much.

Hi Vikki & welcome :wave:

In the :monzo: app, tap on payments, then tap on ‘Invite friends’, then send them a golden ticket - they’ll receive an email and can then sign up. There’s no referring money involved though, neither of you will receive a financial incentive.


Tell them to download the app and apply.


I think he was hoping for a “recommendation award”


It’s all a lot of hassle now with no reward.

Either tell them to download the app and sign up, or if you really want to send them something just give them the below link (which is all it does if you follow the steps @davidwalton detailed above).

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There did use to have a £5 referral, but that was abolished because I guess “If you really love Monzo, you’ll recommend it for free”

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There’s that and the fact that some people were building websites and paying for adverts to cash in on the scheme. Can’t really blame them though :laughing:

I guess the main reason is that these kind of schemes are generally only worthwhile when you’re new and you want to boost your numbers. Eventually you would get to a level where there is enough word of mouth flying around that you don’t need to incentivise people.

Just look on here for many examples of people signing up only for the money and then bouncing to the next bank and the next one and so on.


It was a marketing offer and it reached its end point.

No bank will run an unlimited never-ending offer giving money away. I wish they did, Nationwide had a tasty £250 bribe a few years back IIRC, but not now.

I mean, who could blame em, I CASS’d about when I get good offers - I went from Starling to Natwest because of the £125 offer

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I like free money too just in case anyone is reading this and is feeling generous :money_mouth_face:


I will send free money (2p coin), all you have to do is pay P+P (£3.95). :innocent:


You can Monzo me the 2p ( and then there’s no need for postage and packaging :wink::joy:


Thank you all very much. I’ve just told my friend to find Monzo on his app store and get it that way.