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Might as well throw mine in here since Monzo made me sign up with them :wink:

(Lloydee) #156 my link for £50 credit

Bulb Feedback?
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Hi everyone,

Monzo code for £5 free:

Cleo code for £5 free plus early access to the new app, just download from app store and input code when prompted:

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Of the many apps out there now which can help you improve your personal finances, the below are all free to open and offer welcome bonuses via a referral link.

Curve: I can’t recommend this card highly enough This is a great little “master card” which acts as a proxy for all your other cards so you can pay on this master card and recharge transactions to any of your linked cards. In other words, this nifty little number is like a virtual substitute for your whole wallet. As a MasterCard it’s very widely accepted and as a debit card, it’s a wonderful intermediary that’ll enable you to pay with credit cards where debit cards are the only acceptable traditional means (including ATMs).
You get £5 for trying it out with the sign-up code, introductory cashback at select retailers and favourable fx rates when you go away. Combine with your Monzo card when travelling and you’ll be entitled to extra fee free cash withdrawals at an affordable rate. Interested? £5 free for downloading the app and entering the code NVAVN.

Tandem: an app-based MasterCard credit card with no foreign spend charges and 0.5% cashback on all expenditure - £10 Amazon voucher for signing up. This is a great product that is most convenient for both day-to-day and holidays. Particularly good when used in conjunction with Curve above:

I also like Cash app - a P2P payments app linked with your phone number for “texting” money to your friends. Great for IOUs. £5 free for checking it out with either of these codes: WFWCMVF or MLLCVPW.

Full disclosure - these all offer the same to me for your sign-ups as you get in return for joining - but I recommend them all chiefly because they’ve made managing my finances so much easier.

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£40 off when you shop at Hive and I get a free light bulb :slight_smile:

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Nutmeg - no management fees for 6 months when you sign up using this referral link…

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Just received an email from Octopus, good excuse to plug my link!

"The wholesale price of energy has gone down, and since we’ll be paying less for energy, we thought you should, too.

From May 1st, your electricity prices will drop around 2%, and your gas prices will drop around 4%. This applies to all customers on our standard Flexible Octopus tariff."

£50 each:

What a welcome change to see an energy company dropping prices, particularly when all the big players are hiking theirs.

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Energy Supplier Discussion (formerly Bulb or Octopus)
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Just in case, here’s my bulb referral link :slight_smile:

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If anyone wants to join smarty mobile , get a month free plus £10 Amazon voucher


Here is my Octopus link for anyone needing one.

£50 for us both.


If anyone needs an octopus link, here is mine. £50 for us both. They’ve been great for me so far and credited me money for my switchover when my gas couldn’t be switched over on the date they said it would. Never got that ever as a British Gas or EDF customer.

Energy Supplier Discussion (formerly Bulb or Octopus)
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I’ve added @airtimerewards. Spend using your cards normally and you get Cashback. We share £1 on using this code 9QA6Y89C

However I’ve earned £10 a couple of months just from normal card use!

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Another Bulb Energy referral should you wish to join the wagon. £50 of FREE renewable energy. To claim your free gift, sign up using this link:


Hey, I’ve added a referral link for “All american express cards”. If you are considering one it would mean alot to me if you would use the link

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5 identical referral links is getting a bit monotonous now. :sleeping:

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Have a link to Bux - a commission free way to buy stocks and shares.

The first 100,000 users get free shares.

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Get a free boost to your Chip savings interest rate by signing up with my referral code: 6I4O3J

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Get a free £5 by joining Monzo via the link below:


Monese just increased its incentive until end of April

My Monese code: JOHNS345