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(Andy) #127

I signed up using your link. Sign up using my link and I move up the queue too.

(Caspar) #128

I have registered with yours :raised_hands:



I have registered with yours, here’s mine:

(Dan) #130

Sign up to Look After my Bills and get £20 for you and me!


Have registered with yours.
Here’s mine

(Splodf) #132

Used yours here’s mine:

(Dan) #133

Not so subtle shameless amex referral link :eyes:

Credit Card inside Monzo 👀
(Ben Talbot) #134

Another shameless referral link :see_no_evil:


Hey, feel free to send some love this way too - remember that you can apply for any American Express card using any referral link so you don’t have to go for the Gold if that’s not your thing, but I would recommend it if you don’t already have one as it is free for the first year and the 22k sign up bonus is one of the best in the UK.