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(Martin Jones) #103

Got a £50 one too

(Andrew Ross) #105

I have the £100 referral link for Bulb if anyone is interested:

You get £100 and so do I. Win-win! :wink:

(Andrew Jones) #106

Bulb energy £100each by 16 Jan 2019

(Dan Mullen) #107

Just added my Octopus Energy link - £50 each when you sign up:

(Paul) #109

Morning :grin:

Just signed up with a link from the forum, so thought I’d share my link in case anyone wants to use it!

£50 each to sign up for Bulb!


Morning all I have a new one for everyone its WiseAlpha, invest in the bond market.

(Andrew Jones) #111

I’ve been with bulb for a year now and they have been the best so far. I recently received an email from them saying they have credited £10 to my account because I had waited on the phone for 11 minutes to speak to someone 3 weeks earlier. This is how companies should behave, I thought. They will pay any exit fees when you leave your old supplier. They have consistently been the cheapest for me for the last year. You get monthly email reminders about your direct debit due. If your account is in credit by more than your monthly direct debit you can request a refund. They offer the warm home discount. They also operate a referral system where you and the one refer can get £50 each added to your account when you sign up. Because I’ve been with them a year if you sign up using the following link by 16th Jan 2019 they will credit your account with £100.