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(Splodf) #83

Ah this time last month I’d have bitten your hand off. However, after last month’s volatility and a 6% portfolio loss I’d have probably resented you for it :wink:

(Kolok) #84


Can you sort out a new company I added “cash app”

What’s the formatting to add new companies?


Just copy the formatting for other companies - the lines which refer to details above and below the lines which provide the referral links/codes

(Sean) #86

Formatting was a bit off; FTFY.

(JackO) #87

Just added a chip interest code for 1% to get you started saving, just signup with RRIPD1.

Thanks! :+1:

(Liam) #88

Used your LOQBOX code. :hot_coral_heart:

Edit: And here’s mine if anyone fancies it! 8TVCBN


Referral link for PensionBee:

We both get an extra £50 in our pensions if used!

(Jordan Taylor) #90

Just added one for Amex Platinum Cashback card

£30 for me and £25 cashback for you when spending £1 or more

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Sorry, I couldn’t work out how to edit the wiki. Mods please add if necessary.

To celebrate my 1 year with Bulb Energy, Bulb are doubling my referral rewards from Thursday 13th December to midnight on Wednesday 19th December. Sign up to Bulb during that period via my referral link and we both get £100 account credit on your switch date. Outwith those dates it’s the standard £50 each. Thanks in advance if you use my link at any time:

£100 Referral Bonus For 13th-19th December Sign-Ups

(Sam) #92

I’ve just moved into a new property and switched to Bulb with your link. Thank you! :smiley:


Thank you Sam. Much appreciated. All the best for your new home.

Energy Supplier Discussion (formerly Bulb or Octopus)

I’ve also got a similar time limited deal, if anyone fancies sharing the love.

Tap below for £100 credit each! :point_down:

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #95

While we’re on referrals, Curve are offering us £5 each in reward points if you use my code 6B02M

(Kristian Smith) #96

Thanks £5 :grin::+1:

(Matt C) #97

Enjoy! :smiley:


Just added Cleo, we both get £5 if you sign up


I have £100 each referral link for bulb.
Been with them just under a year and really happy with them.
Very clear communication. I’d liken to monzo in that respect.


Hi I’ve recently switched to octopus for my gas and electricity and so far so good. If you switch using a link they give us both £50 credit.
Feel free to click on the link even if Just for a free quote to see how much you can save. Thanks

(Adam) #101

Has anyone got a bulb £100 link was going to sign up with them and £100 credit would be nice!

(Tom) #102

Only £50, unfortunately. Not sure when you get the £100 one, think it’s on your joining anniversary?