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(Andy) #43

Can I just say how underrated this post is! I’ve made a few bonuses and it’s always the first place I check before I sign up to something. Take a bow.

(Andre Borie) #44

Not really a referral, but is anyone interested in a Linode account with 23$ credit?

The first one to PM me gets it.


I’ve added Snap - a new-ish company offering intercity coach travel - to the wiki.

Using my code ref-encynvpzjy when you book at you get your first return trip for free, and I get £5 credit.

(Matt C) #46

Just added OVO Energy as I have been really happy with them for the past couple of years and get interest on my balance (rises incrementally each year up to 5%).

(Edward Robert) #47

Does anyone else use Simply Cook? They send you the recipes and three little pots per meal, seasoning etc. and then you buy the ingredients. They are so flavoursome, highly recommend you try them. I can give you the first box for £1 too if you’re interested to try!

(Andy) #48

Hi @edwardrobert :wave: I’ve dropped your post in to here. Please feel free to update the wiki on the first post with your referral code. Using this wiki thread helps keep all referral codes in one place, keeping the forums tidy and making them easy to find.

(Mark Dunne) #49

From now until 23:59 on 23 October 2018 my Bulb referral link will get both myself and anyone signing up £100.00 credit to their account!!

Apparently it’s because I have been with them a year :tada::tada:

Bulb Link

(Matt C) #50

Thanks to whoever clicked my OVO link :smiley:

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #51

Just done a quote and they’re just over double what I pay currently :frowning:


I’ve added a second code for ViaVan (ridesharing in London) to the wiki - get £20 free credit using code james8z9t when signing up.

(Mark Dunne) #53

Wow :open_mouth: that is a big difference, I guess it depends on usage and property type etc. We were paying £99 a month to Eon but when we switched to Bulb it went down to about £60 so made us a pretty good saving :grinning:

(Matt C) #54

Added a link for Prolific. Been on the site for about a year and a half now and have made nearly £500 in total filling out surveys for researchers. The amounts you earn vary depending on the length of the study, sometimes you can earn bonus amounts too. Completed some really interesting studies on there!

If you are a researcher than you can use it to run your own studies.


Have added some new companies and my referral links to the wiki post. Also reproduced below
Assetz Capital: £50 cashback on £1,000 investment (Peer-to-Peer Lending)
Cointracking: 10% off account upgrades (Cryptocurrency tracking)
HP Instant Ink: 1 month free (Ink subscription service)
Lendy: £50 cashback on £1,000 investment (Peer-to-Peer Lending)
Lending Crowd: £50 cashback on £2,000 investment (Peer-to-Peer Lending)

Also added my referrals to some pre-existing companies (Finding Circle, Kuflink, Zopa)

(Andy) #56

£500 really? How long is the average survey?

(Matt C) #57

The average ones range from a couple of minutes to 15 minutes. Occasionally there are some that last 1 or 2 hours but you get paid quite a bit more for those. Also there are some “games” where you can win bonus amounts.

(Sean) #58

Added a section and referral for JAJA “Next Generation Credit Card”


Perhaps worth emphasizing the waiting list terms for JAJA which state that referrers can only gain cashback on a single referral. Because of this, when someone uses a referral it would be helpful if they could also edit the wiki to indicate which referral they have used. The next person could then elect to use a referral link which has not yet been used.

(Rob) #60

Added ours, what a great thread! Gousto!

(Tom) #61

Just added my FreeAgent referral link :+1:


This has grown a lot since I first created it! And thankfully also seems to be keeping main threads clear of referral links.