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(Bob) #21

Yeah, I just un-thumbed mine too for the same reason :rage:


the bulb ones are particularly annoying as some people have clicked on entries at the top of the bulb list and others the end of the list with some in the middle not clicked on at all


But again, it doesn’t mean they’re being used out of order - when I added mine it was the first time I’d done an inline link on here, so I clicked it myself to check it was working. Other people might have done the same, we can’t know why someone has clicked a particular link just from the fact it’s been clicked.

(Josh Farrant) #24

2 more of mine were :+1:'d today and unused, which I’ve just undone.

EDIT: Looks like they were done in @anon44204028’s edits yesterday and I just didn’t spot them.

I’ve also fixed the order of some categories where people had been adding their referral codes before those that were there before (edits 38 and 94).

(Daniel Rivers - Proud Current Account Holder) #26

EMMA referral:

(Simon) #27

Another referral for Emma :upside_down_face:

(Hayk Khachatryan) #28


(Nick) #29

(joseph courtis) #30

£50 each


(joseph courtis) #32

Cant seem to edit, is it because im new?


Yes. Read a few posts and try again in 48 hours.

(Will Sherwood-King) #34

This should be pinned surely! Great Wiki guys :slight_smile:

(Grant MacGregor) #35

Chip App sign-up reference code:


Thanks in advance! :grinning:

(Sergio Manzitto) #36

I have tried using the link to put my referral link but It didn’t work. This is my referral link for £50 credit on bulb.

You can also use this site for more information. on bulb and the referral

(Marcus Nailor) #37

I reckon this post should get pinned somewhere :grin:

I’ve updated the wiki but I feel that visibility of this thread will fade away eventually…

I’ve posted a loqbox referral code :blush: looks like a nice service for those of you who want to boost your credit score in an easy manor :money_with_wings:


£5 for me, nothing for the referee sadly Code: WJJDY6

(Mark Dunne) #38

If anyone wants to use my link for bulb, here it is, £50.00 each :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:

(Kieran) #39

I’ve just added your referral link to the Wiki at the top of the thread under the bulb section :slight_smile:

(Andy) #41

Hi @Conesster :wave: I’ve dropped your post in here. This is our dedicated referral wiki. Unfortunately I can’t edit the wiki post at the moment as I’m on mobile and the wiki is too long to navigate easily but hopefully some kind soul will do it! :rofl:

(Thomas Cox) #42

I’ve added 2 new referral links.

One is with First Utility, you get £50 of vouchers when you switch to them. They are offering fairly competitive fixed term tariffs. Really hope anyone reading this doesn’t have a variable standard tariff with any of the big 6!

The other one is with OnePlus. I used a link like this when I purchased my phone and saved £20 on accessories (which was basically a free case!), thought I’d pay it forward

Thanks everyone for sharing, I find these threads really useful when doing my annual phone/energy/broadband switching.