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(Mark Dunne) #53

Wow :open_mouth: that is a big difference, I guess it depends on usage and property type etc. We were paying £99 a month to Eon but when we switched to Bulb it went down to about £60 so made us a pretty good saving :grinning:

(Matt C) #54

Added a link for Prolific. Been on the site for about a year and a half now and have made nearly £500 in total filling out surveys for researchers. The amounts you earn vary depending on the length of the study, sometimes you can earn bonus amounts too. Completed some really interesting studies on there!

If you are a researcher than you can use it to run your own studies.


Have added some new companies and my referral links to the wiki post. Also reproduced below
Assetz Capital: £50 cashback on £1,000 investment (Peer-to-Peer Lending)
Cointracking: 10% off account upgrades (Cryptocurrency tracking)
HP Instant Ink: 1 month free (Ink subscription service)
Lendy: £50 cashback on £1,000 investment (Peer-to-Peer Lending)
Lending Crowd: £50 cashback on £2,000 investment (Peer-to-Peer Lending)

Also added my referrals to some pre-existing companies (Finding Circle, Kuflink, Zopa)

(Andy) #56

£500 really? How long is the average survey?

(Matt C) #57

The average ones range from a couple of minutes to 15 minutes. Occasionally there are some that last 1 or 2 hours but you get paid quite a bit more for those. Also there are some “games” where you can win bonus amounts.

(Sean) #58

Added a section and referral for JAJA “Next Generation Credit Card”


Perhaps worth emphasizing the waiting list terms for JAJA which state that referrers can only gain cashback on a single referral. Because of this, when someone uses a referral it would be helpful if they could also edit the wiki to indicate which referral they have used. The next person could then elect to use a referral link which has not yet been used.


Added ours, what a great thread! Gousto!

(Tom) #61

Just added my FreeAgent referral link :+1:


This has grown a lot since I first created it! And thankfully also seems to be keeping main threads clear of referral links.


Just added referral code for Wealth Simple. Use this code to get the first £5000 of your portfolio managed fee free.

(Matt C) #64

Discover great local food & drink for less with @Wriggle. Use code WOLTNV to get £5 off your first booking

I’m obsessed with wriggle at the moment, have got some great deals on local independent cafes and restaurants. About to go out for brunch now and thought I’d see if anyone else here is using it?

(Paul) #65

Yeh I use it. It’s great! Not just food too. I saw singing Pirates at cafe Kino which was so much fun

(Andy) #66

Doesn’t cover London!

(Matt C) #67

Sorry, I hadn’t realised that! It is Bristol, Brighton and Cardiff at the moment apparently.

(#savetheseabass) #68

Why does no one ever think of poor London? :yum:

(Izzy) #69

I have created a tool called Slink, its like a digital business card that lets you add links to all your social media profiles and websites.

At the moment, I am using it to link to my own social media profiles but have also started to include my referral links to use on other sites.

Have a look my page as an example…

(Kolok) #70

Sweet, really nice idea!

(Dan Mullen) #71

Just added a link to Bux, a new service that allows you to trade in stocks with 0% commission:

(#savetheseabass) #72

They’ll be launching in Holland and Germany first next year and then eventually to rest of Europe. Might be waiting a while

You can do CFDs from the U.K. now I think