Reduce frequency of authentication requests

I seem to get these mastercard 3D secure requirements every time I make any kind of transaction online. I shop at the same supermarket every week, have to authenticate every time, when I’m ordering on an app at the pub, authenticate every time.

It’s very annoying, not least because I’ll occasionally forget and have to make the order again.

Is there any way to reduce the frequency of these authentication requests? Or add trusted companies?

Unfortunately you can expect to see these types of menus every single time you make a purchase unless the retailer hasn’t updated their payment system to fall in line with FCA regulations at the minute there isn’t a way to white list anyone. :pray:

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It has been possible to add trusted companies in the past. I had some difficulties shopping on the Sainsbury’s site some time ago with my Nationwide credit card. They eventually white listed the company for me. I’m not sure if it can still be done, and I’ve never heard of Monzo doing it.

They’re going to become more common, not going away anytime soon

Yeah, as @_Tom said, you should expect to see this for all online purchases. It’s an FCA rule rather than one Monzo implements, meaning it’s up to the merchant to send us a request for you to authenticate the payment. Slightly annoying, but it means that you’re much more in control of your money and less likely fall victim to fraud.

I sure wish it was in place when my credit card details somehow got compromised :upside_down_face: someone treated themselves to valentines dinner on me…(I got it back and swiftly cancelled the card :joy:)


The dinner or the money? :wink::joy:


Ha! The money :sweat_smile: not that it was mine to begin with through :see_no_evil:

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