Redesigned Payment Screen (Early Preview) 👀

Hey, while a few people I know have Monzo accounts, a few members of my family don’t so I can’t use the contacts section to pay them. And paying 1p just to have their details saved seems silly.

I also have a couple other accounts and as it’s all me the contacts solution doesn’t work again.

The current solution doesn’t allow me to add photos to my recent payees which I think is important as photos are easier to instantly recognise than text

Finally, I have a bunch of contacts who have Monzo but I don’t want them to know who I bank with and such I must disable contacts access, making it impossible to pay the few people I could through this method.

So what I’d like is:

  1. Easy way to add payees without needing to transfer money to them
  2. Saved payees that don’t disappear like the recents do
  3. Ability to add photos to payees
  4. More granular control for contacts access

If we get these features it’ll be the perfect banking app for me :pray:


It’s a little creepy to me that I can see my ex as a Monzo contact, with a profile photo.

I had forgotten that they were in my phone, it was from a good few years ago.

Why it is creepy is that they definitely do NOT know I can see that information. I have had several different numbers since then, so I will not show up to them, but as they haven’t changed theirs I can still see them.

Not really sure what the solution here is, but I imagine if they found out they would not be that thrilled, even if the only thing I can really do is send them money and see a picture.


If you delete them as a contact do they stay in your Monzo list?

There’s been some discussion about this sort of thing here:

I agree we could do better at explaining what is visible and to whom it’s visible. There’s one global setting for this called Payments with Friends, if it’s on then your preferred name and profile photo will be visible to anyone with your phone number (inside the Monzo app) and they can send you money without having your account details. The setting also enables your Monzo.Me/username page, which also has your preferred name and profile photo.

No. We don’t store your contact list in our servers, so until you send money to someone we don’t know you have someone’s contact.



Hey everyone :wave: I thought I’d share some of the designs we’re using to restructure this screen. You already picked up most of the changes we’re doing here!

Overall the main idea is that you shouldn’t need to know if the person you’re sending money to has a Monzo account, or if you have their phone number. Whether it’s a bank transfer, Monzo-to-Monzo, pay anyone link, or someone nearby, you should just need to think if you’re sending vs receiving, then pick the person from a unified list that includes your previous payees and your phone contacts. The method of payment is easy to figure out once we know who you’re sending money to.

We also adding the option to request money from a Monzo user, so you don’t have to send them a Monzo.Me link if they’re also using Monzo. Works pretty much like bill splitting requests, but without a transaction associated with it.

We love Nearby Friends! :heart_eyes: It’s still there, on the main screen of Payments, next to the search bar. It’s less obvious what it is/does, so moving forward we need to think of a good way to introduce users to the feature.

Spot on @awjdean!


Feels like this has been a long time coming.

Still really hoping that Scheduled Payments can be labelled/ tagged so that we can easily see what they’re for.

The first iteration of payees was decent but need more work to finish off properly.

I know Monzo has / are working on various wizz bang features but I predominantly use it as my hub account as it’s the nicest app to use for basic banking functionality. The promise of a great payments workflow is the one thing that’s keeping me from switching to Starling.


Aha yeah! That’s something I’ve spotted recently, seems that is already in the app :sunglasses:

I tested it out and, indeed, it looks exactly like a bill split request but without the need for a bill :grin: it’s great and saves a step of generating the (custom) monzo me amount link and then sharing it - as long as the person also has monzo that is :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for sharing those designs :heart_eyes: they look superb :ok_hand: definitely looks a lot nicer than what I was able to share :joy:


I think having recurring notes would be the best way to solve this issue.

  • You add notes to the Direct Debit/Standing Order/pot transfer from the Scheduled section of the app in the Payments tab.

  • When a Direct Debit/Standing Order/pot transfer goes out, these notes are automatically added to the feed item.


Am i mad or did i see a very different mockup on here on how this screen would look? :thinking:

You’re not mad. There was a very different, and imo much worse, Payments screen redesign in a Making Monzo email (think it was the November one):

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I actually much prefer the other one :grimacing:

Think it looks alot cleaner.

In saying that this one is nice too and definitely an improvement all the same

I do like the Contacts section in the old one, hopefully this has been kept.

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My other half this this and I’m still waiting. Not acceptable… Plus she does like to gloat about these things :hear_no_evil::hear_no_evil::hear_no_evil::grin::grin::grin:

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This looks fantastic, thanks for sharing!

Will all the screens/options (including requesting money) apply to joint accounts too?


I prefer the current layout, this does look alright though

Will there still be the option to view my contacts with a Monzo account? I quite like seeing the list grow :slightly_smiling_face:

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Like this redesign.

Not sure whether you are making this possible but it would be nice to be able to add an image in for the people who are contacts on my phone but don’t have a monzo account and also for monzo contacts that don’t have their own image in their app.

Pretty sure you’re doing this but I want to be able to add a contact in Monzo and then add their bank details to it, even if they don’t have Monzo (and then add my own image to go alongside this). At the moment the add contact button at the top right takes me to my iphone contacts book, but if the person doesn’t have monzo I can’t add them in (or can’t work out how to at least).

I would personally put the golden tickets bit at the top with the other three. Splitting this one bit up with the pictures of the contacts doesn’t flow too well.

I’d then just have the three top contacts at the bottom of the page, with their picture and name (like on the 4th screen that you shared). I’m not sure there is the real need for the sliding bit with the contacts on Monzo but if you want to keep it the bottom makes more sense to me. I would say that as you’ve got the contacts on the pay/request pages anyway, there isn’t a need for them on the main screen.



Im assuming we will have to wait for this update in order to be able to delete pending bill split requests or send reminders?

Damn! It’s getting nearer :eyes::hot_coral_heart:

There’s now data on the page :boom: and the nearby icon is back :sunglasses: (top right)

I’ve had to blur a lot :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but it’s looking nice :heart_eyes: can’t wait to see more!