Reddit: r/monzo - FYI I was almost scammed by somebody claiming to be Monzo

To be fair In Barclays branches we were calling customers to check whether they need any help and we were guiding them how the can find help without obviously asking account details. But it’s good to see people questioning whether these calls are genuine, cause you never know.

I have had a genuine fraud call before

I told them I would ring back, rang back on a different phone to speak to the bank and they did confirm it was genuine

Another time they rang me because someone handed in my card, which was very nice of them I thought. Hadn’t even realised I’d lost it yet

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I think I made this comment before in a thread about Monzo security, but I really like the implementation Apple have - if you’re asking for support you get an in-device code to enter to link your online support request to your actual device.

I think it could be a good style of mechanism for Monzo / banks generally if they do make contact. “Hey I’m calling from Monzo COps, you should see a pop up with code “1234” on your app, can you press accept”

That way a) Monzo have a standard way of verifying themselves, b) only Monzo can make the alert pop up.

Doesn’t stop people trying the social engineering aspect but at least you the user have a standardised way of receiving contact.

In anycase, this is why is use a password manager to store critical info, especially about my first child’s name, little &74v!£7fstYgf!!£&out!rfd(£;6lkio.

We call him andy74 for short


My credit card company pings me in the app if they want to query a transaction.

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@ramtops who you with credit card wise?

Capital One.