Reddit Gifts is shutting down

This is a bit of a blow. Reddit Gifts is shutting down after a final Secret Santa at the end of the year.

Reddit Gifts has been one of, if not my favourite, things to come out of the internet. It’s the thing I look forward to most each Christmas. A shame to see it ending.

Here’s the email I received:

I didn’t know this existed. But buying Elves?.. sharp intake of breath.

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Not as bad as it sounds!

Phew :cold_sweat: - thought for a minute that someone would claim Buddy and put him to work in an alternate Xmas goods supplier.

Back to work, little peeps - nothing to see here.

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Is it physical gifts ? I can probably just Google this to be honest

Edit , really hard to read knowledge base on mobile.

Yeah it used to be a global gift exchange back in the day. You’d get matched with someone across the globe and you’d get the chance to post them a nice gift.

Like a huge internet based secret santa :slight_smile:


Oh wow, not sure I’d give my address out, but maybe I’d put my work address.

It’s a nice idea I think.

Some of the gifts people got were amazing! Bill Gates got involved with it

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Only so he could distribute his mind control chips



Maybe he’s said they can shut down now because he’s got everyone with the vaccine. 4D chess from Billy.