Recurring payment parameters

I searched the discussions for this, but didn’t see anything - but apologies if I missed it and am duping.

For recurring payments, it’d be great if you could have recurring until either a date or an amount is reached (my old bank account used to do this, and it was great). For example, $100/month until 31 Mar 2019. Or say I wanted to pay back someone $100/month until I paid back $650. It would do six payments of $100 and then the last one $50.


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Not sure if that was in the US, Canada or Australia but UK banks normally do that too!

It was in the US.

My old Metro Bank account doesn’t have the second feature (to a specific amount). Nor yet does my new Monzo account. :wink:

Drummonds (RBS) was good as you could specify first amount X, subsequent amounts Y, and final amount Z