Recurring Orders - what does this frequency mean to you? [completely off topic nonsense within]

TBH, I don’t find Amazon’s checkout flow to be that impressive. It still feels like a somewhat archaic artefact carried over from the early 2000s internet albeit with some smarts thanks to automation from having your data on file.

By far my favourite checkout process is on sites that fully support the Stripe system with Apple Pay. It’s literally a one click system, with a pleasant interface and doesn’t require signup or handing over my card details. I’ve noticed this improving recently, and some places now essentially offer a one click subscription setup thanks to a combination of Shopify, Stripe, and Apple Pay.

YFood is the best example of this. Choose your product, select subscription, choose checkout, tap Apple Pay, confirm with Face ID and you’re done. Now this is a checkout flow that impresses me.

Happy cake day, BTW!

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It’s just good enough - that’s the genius, I suppose

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