Reconfirm password after fingerprint change


I’ve just got a OnePlus 6T with a fingerprint sensor behind the screen. If I delete and then reconfigure a fingerprint (or simply add a new fingerprint) then most of my apps which allow fingerprint login require me to reconfirm my password and disable fingerprint access until I do. The Monzo app doesn’t do this, which is a (slight) security risk.

Are there plans to update the app to force password confirmation if a fingerprint change is detected (presumably a feature of the O/S)?

Happy to explain further if it’s not clear what I mean.

Keep up the good work !



I really like this idea, should do it on both Android and iOS. Just incase :slight_smile:

I believe this is baked in to TouchID. :tada:


Perfect! If it isn’t already this should be added to the Android app