Reconcile transactions in the Monzo app

I currently use AceMoney to keep our household accounts, entering data from receipts and reconciling them using the bank statement, when available. With Monzo, the QIF export effectively replaces the bank statement but then I have to reconcile it against the receipts. It would be useful to manually mark transactions as reconciled within the Monzo app if they are registered whilst the receipts are in my hand, or subsequently if I remember, and for the reconciled status to be reported in the QIF export, leaving other transactions such as topups to be reconciled later (e.g. after the export).


If reconciled transactions could also be easily discernable (e.g. a different colour) then unexpected transactions would stand out in the app.

Yeah, a means to reconcile and “file” spending would be great. I’d love to be able to store my experiences in-app.

This is something I currently do far too slavishly (:smile:) in my current iOS app of choice. In fact, I’ve been doing it for decades.

My purpose in doing so, however, has always been so that when the bank eventually sends me a statement (back in the paper days) I can make sure it’s correct. In the Monzo scenario where I’ve got the statement data in-app before I’ve even left the shop, I’m not convinced that reconciliation is even required any more. My model with this account is to enter the data in the app and check it off there and then.

I’m not challenging anyone else’s need to do something different, of course, but in my own case I think the Monzo approach is making reconciliation a thing if the past for most transactions.

Once direct debits start going through the current account, I’ll see how that affects my options on the matter.

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I have a number of accounts and use an app on my PC to keep track of it all so, though the Monzo app is fine for that account, I still export from it to my PC. Consequently it would be useful to know the transactions have already been reconciled, unlike those for other accounts where I still need to wait the statement.



I do the same but anything that goes into the Monzo account is always reconciled before it gets there.

Actually, I’m just waking up to the date filter and export opportunities of the Monzo app. Up until recently, I was manually copying things across to my app. Life just got simpler.

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