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I saw on the Daily Express that a bank has come out with a 5.4% interest account, I’ve not heard of them before and I didn’t see a thread discussing them

Personal Savings Account UK | Recognise Bank

Article: Bank launches new savings account with market-leading 5.4% interest rate (

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Firstly kudos for searching properly. Since they’ve been around since 2017 I was genuinely surprised that there hasn’t been a thread as yet.

But it’s a bank for the SME and business sector mainly - though as you say they now have a savings account too.

Does anyone here actually use them? Genuinely interested

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I don’t recognise them


*Bah-dum Tshhhh

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That’s cos their head office is in Cognito :roll_eyes:

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It’s a three-year fix, though.

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Just managed to get a 6-month fix at 5% through Hargreaves Lansdown Active Savings (a bit like Raisin). It was only available for less than 24 hours, from what I can see.