Recent Surge in New members

Specifically over the past 2 weeks, Monzo has seen a surge in signups. I know we had TV adverts last month but though that ended? Just curious :slight_smile:

We’re still running a lot of paid social media adverts and things like that. Not sure if the uplift is from that?

Anecdotally, no international usage fees is still a big hook for many people, they’ll use it first on holiday and then realise how great the product is and continue to use it on their return. So it may be that in the run-up to August and a lot of folks heading on holiday has also caused an uplift.

I personally believe we’ll see big new user uptake from Get Paid Early and also Bills Pots, but obviously those aren’t responsible for significant growth just yet. I suspect that those two things will be a big driver towards 5 million users over the next year, once everyone has access and the word starts to spread.


Word of mouth does wonders!

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Awesome, will the Get Paid Early feature be available to everyone every month?

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From what I’ve seen of the replies on twitter these features are what a lot of people have been waiting for before they go “Full Monzo”. I reckon it’s going to have a decent uptake on that metric .

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The no international usage fees was what got me hooked, after my first holiday with Monzo i decided i wanted to switch as soon as i could, as soon as i could get a current account i switched! I have never looked back


That’s the aim, but as it’s still so new we’re ramping up the numbers slowly :grinning:

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I got this message on top today, so does that mean I qualify for the early pay day thing if I get paid into monzo again? Or is this just a standard message everyone gets?

What does it say when you tap on it? :thinking:

I’m not sure if it the prompt relates to the “Get Paid Early” rollout, but the language used certainly seems to indicate it.

Maybe @JarnoWolf can advise :grinning:

That what I get when I click on it

Interesting, I’m not personally sure if that’s a newly-worded prompt and if it relates to the Get Paid Early rollout.

Regardless, adding your salary is a great idea, and we’re hoping to ramp up the numbers for Get Paid Early soon :grinning:

Well that what I wanted to double check…if someone can give me a deff answer…that will be great…I get paid into a different account where I get paid before monzo…then I usually transfer the funds over to monzo

I’ll see what I can find out for you :grinning:

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Thank you very much

OK that was quick!

Did a bit of digging myself and it does seem that the two are related! :raised_hands:

So there you go :grinning:

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So I qualify for the early pay day right? If that’s the case will give them my monzo details on Monday

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Correct! :grinning:

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Thanks you very much…being paid 9 hr early helps a lot…:grinning:


Sometimes it might be more than that :grinning:

Here at Monzo we get paid on the 26th of the month. However, this month the 26th is a Monday, so by using Get Paid Early we’ll actually get paid on the 23rd this month! :raised_hands:


Excellent…I deff will be getting my wages back into monzo.will give them my details on Monday…just wanted to double check if I qualify for early pay day…as I have read a lot of horror stories of people that not claim their early pay day…that’s all