(Andrew Ross) #1

I like the idea of taking a photograph of my receipts but it’s annoying that they also get saved in my photo stream. Is it possible to not have them save in the photo stream?

For those retailers that email you the receipt it would be great if that could be attached (automatically would be great!)

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(Richard Dingwall ) #2

Photos are saved to your camera roll as a safety mechanism in case the photo upload fails. :floppy_disk:

This is something we could potentially look at in future. What’s your specific use case? Are you attaching a high number of receipts?

Email receipts capture so much useful information but they’re quite difficult to use in practice. :slight_frown:

@jelmer_snoeck and I did a hackathon project on this and we encountered several road blocks:

  • No common identifier we can use to link card transactions with email messages
  • Different email servers, protocols (not everyone uses Gmail!)
  • No standard structure for receipt data - line items, quantities, prices, pictures etc
  • PDFs, attached images, message open tracking links etc
  • Requires a user to grant full access to their inbox

Instead for now we’re focused on:

  • Specific integrations with a few key merchants e.g. TFL :bullettrain_side:
  • Encouraging other merchants (and third-party developers!) to use the Mondo API to enrich their customers transactions e.g. seeing your Nando’s Card balance after a purchase :chicken:

We’re hoping in future that merchants could even add actions to transactions. But that’s much further away :wink:

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Add email receipt to transaction
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(Christopher J. Sladdin) #3

I agree here, I would rather that my receipt photos weren’t storred on my photo stream. I’d rather keep the receipt until I know that the photo has uploaded through the app than have the photo sat in my photo stream.

(Andrew Ross) #4

Agree - I’ve only just started using Mondo and plan to photo my receipts if possible. I use Picturelife and Dropbox to automatically upload and pictures taken so it’s a real pain to delete them from the photo stream, Picturelife and Dropbox each time. As @sladdinCJ said I’d prefer to keep the receipt and take the photo again if it doesn’t work.

(Danny Smith) #5

Agreed. I wish Evernote didn’t save stuff to my photo stream either. On that note, it’d be cool if you could process the receipt to bump up the contrast, crop etc, much like Evernote.

(Liam Grant) #6

+1 on this. My use case would be for when the app gets password protected, people would still be able to see receipts for stuff in a non-password protected photo album (say on a family iPad for example).


Is Mondo responsible for keeping/protecting scanned receipts forever? Where are these stored? Do users know this? What are the retention period and disposal policy? Customers might be assuming Mondo has just given them infinite free cloud-based image storage. :smile:

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(Chris Black) #8

Clever questions :raised_hands:t3:, same here.

(Tom Bates) #9

:thumbsup: here for digital receipts using the API.
Emailing and paper receipts should not be a thing if avoidable. Link them with the transactions, most things you actually want the receipt for, you pay with card I imagine.
It would be nice to be able to get digital receipts attached to mondo account, even if you paid with cash?..somehow

(Tom Chambers) #10

Just as a counterpoint, I actually prefer to have my receipts saved to photos. It means that if I stop using the service, Mondo or otherwise, I still have a copy. In the meantime I can also use that photo for my accounts in evernote or OCR search for it through google photos.

(Charlie) #11

+1 for unlimited :cloud: image storage. :joy:

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(Marco Slater) #12

A lot of services use email-based receipts, which you can’t simply take a picture of all of the time.

Instead of trying to intercept emails on behalf of the customers, have you thought of just accepting forwarded emails, or allow PDF uploads?

For the latter, allow the Mondo app to be an iOS file-receiver, so you can open a PDF, email etc, and click share- then click mondo, and select the purchase to attach it to, sounds simple, if its feasible. :slight_smile:


What I do for emails is just open them on my phone and screenshot the bill. And crop as needed.

(Tom Ryan-Elliott) #14

Will this be launched out to Android? I have it on my iPad but on my phone would be perfect. It would mean there would be no need for actual receipts :grinning:

(MikeF) #15

You’re assuming a shop would take a return on electronic evidence which I expect would be a step too far for many at the moment.

(Geoff Jones) #16

I agree there should be an option for NOT putting receipt images in the camera roll. My reason is that the camera roll is backed up etc all over the place so it is a security concern for me.


Do these apps not have the feature of choosing the folder to sync or not sync ??

Talking as a droid user…


My Android automatically backs up to OneDrive so to have to keep going in to delete receipt photos would be a pain


I use google photos… and I get an option of which folders to back up…

At least I assume its the ‘photos’ app which is giving me that choice not a system setting.


OneDrive does give option to add a folder when a new photo found in a new location so as long as any receipts somehow in a separate Monzo folder no problem but if just in default camera folder they would upload