Rearview Camera Mirror

Anyone got one installed in their :red_car: ? Any recommendations?

There’s about a million different types out there, I could read the features and reviews forever :person_facepalming: hopefully narrow it down if anyone has hands on experience with any.

I may be backwards but I don’t trust installing a half screen half mirror thing on top (or instead) of the manufacturer’s mirror. I want my mirror to do one job and do it well


Great recommendation, keep them coming


i have a seperate rear view camera , not keen on the camera in the mirror thing , i think it might be a bit distracting let us know how you get on with it

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Reminds me of a story a few years ago at work when we had new coaches with numerous cameras.

One driver managed to back into some railings because the camera lens was dirty.

My reply… “What about the five mirrors fitted to the bloody thing?”

Reliance on tech isn’t always a good thing.

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Forgot to come back with an update, I purchased this, had it in for about 3 weeks now.

Gives a really good view of everything behind me. I’ve not got it hardwired yet, need to get the cable for that, and then get someone to come out and install it properly with all the cables concealed.

I’ve gone from having limited vision through the rear view to having the world opened up :ok_hand:

If I remember at the weekend I’ll take a photo of my view through the mirror and then the difference with having the camera replacing the mirror

Taken me months to remember an image or 2 :person_facepalming:

So I went from this view (which was harder to capture than I imagined it would be), which can be altered slightly by moving my head around.

To this view, which has massively opened up what I can see.

I still need to book some bloke to come and install it with all the cables hidden away.

After using it for months now, I’d highly recommend. It’s night vision is naff tbf, but I’m not that fussed as can still see the lights etc behind at least.