Really Dark Mode 🌚 - Feature Request

A lot of people on twitter tick the dim box.


That reminds me of:

Since then, the DM subsets have been removed, leaving only the current ‘really_dark_theme_enabled’ flag. I wonder which of the older subsets the current one fits into - it seems like it’d be the older ‘Midnight Sky’ rather than the older alternative of ‘Lights out’ - so a future additional choice, or two, of DM darkness could be a possibility?

EDIT: Just checked what flag changes there have been since sunset today, and in true Highlander-fashion, there is only one:

    WAS: <boolean name="themes_enabled" value="false" />
    NOW: <boolean name="themes_enabled" value="true" />

So it looks like there is potential scope for varying levels of dark theme guides. Which may have been scrapped.

tbh, I’m totally happy with the implementation of DM so far. Amazing to see it in-app.


So is this dark mode called really dark theme?

Midnight Sky feels like a much better descriptor and name for this palette honestly. Really dark sounds like what they’d call something darker.


But if you’re spending a year dead for tax reasons, you don’t need to be able to read the text anyway.


Some people won’t be happy till it’s vantablack.

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Costs a bomb to licence that, I understand. Would have to settle for Black 3.0 instead (hopefully Anish Kapoor doesn’t have Monzo account, but) :sweat_smile: