RBS plans on opening a digital challenger bank


Someone has already suggested Anne Bó-den as the inspiration. :sunglasses:

(Thomas Horne) #146

Maybe it’s a typo and supposed to be Boo as in: “Boo! Your Starling account is owned by RBS now.”? :rofl:

(Harry) #148

I mean, if my previous experience working at RBS counts for anything I wouldn’t get my hopes up about this being up and running by next year :joy:

(Jack) #149

Apparently it means “to live” in Danish or something.


I mean, you are actually reading the same thing as me aren’t you? You do realise this is typical Monzo forum conjecture…because Starling, right?

The same RBS is working with Monzo for international payments, the very same one Tom said he hates…

It’s like another planet here sometimes.

Bo is an awful name but a few years ago, so was Mondo/Monzo…it is what is is until it isn’t…


_______ Full in the blanks :joy:

(Graham - Mental health professional) #152

That Danish as well, Jack? :grinning:

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #153

Bit too close to B.

Wonder what CYBG think of the name Bó.

(Mind you, CYBG is a bit too close to cyborg for my liking :joy:)

(Jack) #154

I’m rubbish at typing on my phone :see_no_evil:

(Richard) #155

Pretty much hitting the nail on the head with some of the recent posts.

I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again… If RBS do this correctly… people are seriously under estimating how disruptive this could be for the likes of Monzo and Starling.

However… Yes… Bo (can’t do the accent thingy) is a ridiculous name, but names can be changed…


I like the name. I certainly prefer the name to monzo (or starling). I absolutely agree that this has the potential to be huge. rbs already have a full range of financial products they can tie in to and if they migrate customers from Natwest to this new bank then they will have a million main current account customers probably for some time given how reluctant most people are to switch bank.


(All Hail the Almighty Doge) #158

:joy_cat: Top tweet :joy_cat::joy_cat:

(Harry) #159

That’s brilliant :joy::joy::joy:

(Richard) #160

New name coming soon…


Did I miss the naming competition? I thought all banks and ships did that these days and then just ignored the Banky Mcbankface/Boaty McBoatface answers and went with result number 2?

On the subject of number 2’s, my vote for a better name goes for Pü. It means “shit” in English. :drooling_face:

(Katrina) #162

Boo.com as in the clothes retailer that crashed and burned in the dot.com bubble?

(Izzy) #163

If RBS do this correctly…

From my previous experience I don’t think they will do to well… they couldn’t even get a Banking licence approved for W&G first time round and they are a bank!!!

(Richard) #164

Counter argument to W&G… they were half heartedly doing it.

They were instructed to sell some branches and we’re going to do so under the W&G brand. No one wanted to buy it, so they scrapped the idea.

As for a digital bank… it’s about cutting costs without reducing services (with the exception of branch services), there’s a motivation right there.

It would be naive to assume this will fall on it’s face “because it’s RBS”

(Izzy) #165

I would argue that, I was involved in a lot of the W&G projects and the amount of money they were pumping in to meeting deadlines and targets was not half hearted…