RBS plans on opening a digital challenger bank

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To be honest, this is how I’ve seen legacy banking groups freeing themselves of their 1970s legacy computer code; setting up a stand–alone digital bank, testing it with new users, and then not allowing anyone joining the old system before slowly (over a period of decades) winding it down. Using the CASS to switch customers if they wish, before switching remaining customers seamlessly and just keeping legacy records and statements to view only.

Starling Feedback
Starling Feedback

So that news that RBS plans on using Starling to provide services to their new bank has got me wondering who RBS’s card processor is? I’m sure I read somewhere that the big banks actually subcontract…

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I would expect it to be in-house, however I doubt they will be using it for the Starling-hosted customers; integrating with the legacy rust would be too complicated and it may not even support everything that the Starling backend requires.

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No, @Peter_G is right. The big banks generally do not run their own card processors.

RBS probably uses Worldpay (which used to be a subsidiary, but was spun off some years ago).


Isn’t RBS’s in house? Isn’t that the reason they had so much card troubles a few years back when they essentially flatlined for days?

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Bó Bank :bank:

Interesting to see this gathering pace. If they want to do well they want to be as separated from the legacy management as possible otherwise it’s going to turn a bit sour.
It’s supposed to run on Stsrling infrastructure isn’t it?


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BO? Really. That name stinks :grin:

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Starling merger :eyes:

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Bo…den Bank!

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I wonder how many senior meetings had to be held just to decide the name?

My advice to Bo bank, tell the senior board members to f* off and leave you to it otherwise they will just drag it down.

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I note the lack of Starling in that article, is that further confirmation? :eyes:


I noted that N26 is apparently launching in UK within weeks. :neutral_face:

I won’t hold my breath.

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Bee Oh is obviously this

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Struck me too…odds on, I reckon.


I love quotes like this:

An RBS spokeswoman said on Thursday: "As part of the bank’s wider investment in digital and innovation, RBS is working on a range of projects to better serve our customers in the era of digital and open banking.

These big banks never do anything to better serve their customers. What they really wanted to say was “RBS and other high street banks have noticed that challengers like Monzo are attracted enormous amounts of customers through something called ‘giving a crap?’ and they are scared, so in order to continue fuelling their enormous salaries and bonuses they are desperate to join the band wagon”

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Interesting, after bo launches I can see Starling getting swallowed up into it after a year or so.

Interesting they mention moving around 1m customers from rbs over. Wonder if they’ll have a choice!

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This just all seems very quick and sudden for my liking.
I can see Starling disappearing and morphing into ‘Bo’ (not quite sure who was paid to come up with that!)


Bo is a poor name imo :woman_shrugging:

Though, my boyfriends mum heard about this, I don’t know if me working for fintech has opened her ears a bit :see_no_evil:


What an odd name. I wonder what it’s relevance is.