Raspberry PI 400

New release from Raspberry PI, all neatly packaged up within a keyboard. I quite like it as it should appeal to a more broader set of people.

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Looks great.

Considering getting it as an all in one sort of thing for working from home. Dont need anything too powerful as i just connect to my work vdi and this could be the ticket instead of using my clunky laptop atm, save some desk space too.

Wonder how hard it would be to put windows on it

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Oooh. Want

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I read a few articles they’re also aiming at businesses with this that don’t need anything too complex and those who use remote desktops run off servers, also going to do ones in just grey and black.


I hope its also being advertised for Low income families who need a home computer on a budget

Anecdotally, it’s crappy Internet that’s the bigger problem…

Yeah I totally agree, like I had to a zoom conference with terrible wifi and can totally understand why young disadvantaged people struggle. I had a look for charities to support but couldn’t find any good ones

I think the focus up to now has been on getting disadvantaged kids into school face to face, because all the evidence is that attendance comes with huge benefits on its own, whatever else you then do.

And that’s why we’ve probably just lost 10 years of work narrowing the attainment gap in the space of months.

This is a pretty good read

It shows how infrastructure, teacher training, education funding, social attitudes and modern tech, like the Raspberry Pi, all have to come together for good educational outcomes. It’s hard to see what a charity could do until we have fibre as a universal utility, for example.

On top of that, I know of highly paid teachers at very expensive UK private schools who are struggling hard with just a partial move to digital. So getting the right training to teachers is also a big problem.

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