Raspberry Pi 4

This looks really neat! Have a couple of V2’s and am 100% looking to upgrade.


The specs look good.

I’ve ordered the 4GB version.

My question is why a raspberry pi when you can buy a miniature computer for like 500 obviously depends on function requirement

I use Pi mostly for home servers (Pi-Hole DNS and Home Assistant). Also use one in the car as a DIY real-time tracker using a 4G dongle.

My next Pi project will be a robot…


As for why someone would use a Pi as an actual desktop computer… No idea.


What software do you use for the tracking, and how do you power it?

I’m just curious as I have one at the moment and I’m not sure whether to buy another one( I suppose I need to solidify my project idea first!) :rofl:

The software is my own messy creation. It’s basically just a script running on the Pi that grabs coordinates from the attached GPS dongle by continuously polling the gpsd daemon. If the coordinates have changed, it builds a JSON payload and sends it to a remote URL via curl (HTTPS).

The remote script receives the payload, logs the data to MySQL and presents the latest. The tracking interface is just an embedded Google Map with some JQuery that updates the location.

Powering the Pi, I have tapped in to the 12v accessory fuse behind the dash, using an “add-a-fuse”. The voltage is being converted from 12v to 5v using a standard car USB port (available on eBay).

OR you could just buy a fully featured car tracker for £70 - but where is the fun? :slightly_smiling_face:


Been on the fence about getting one for a while but recently fell across Pi Hole and now have a use case for one. Couldn’t have come at a better time :slight_smile: