Random Refunds?

Just curious if anyone has ever had random refunds or part refunds? As of yet it has only happened a few times but from the same retailer.

The refunds are only small. Like £3.50 at a time but they have been popping up randomly. Now what is bizarre is it’s a supermarket that they are coming from and in order for them to refund, they do their bit on the till and ask you to insert your card and then refund is given and you have to sign a receipt.

However, I haven’t put my card in the machine to get any refunds back. Or else I would have been aware of the refund.

Ignore the amount I shop there :rofl::rofl::rofl: but I have received £13.59 in total from refunds from them and not a single time did I put my card In the machine for a refund.

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Tesco are currently having issues where they are double charging customers by processing the same transaction twice.

After a week, one of the two transactions is automatically reversed so you will receive a refund.

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No it’s not Tesco and I’ve luckily touchwood I have never been double charged for a transaction.

Share the big secret then, who is it :smiley:

I get this from Asda all the time. It’s price changes from order to delivery or subs normally with online orders

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