Rainy day fund won't allow me to withdraw

My app says there is a problem and won’t let me withdraw. It’s not locked.why is tgis happening?

Hi Alex! Welcome :slight_smile:

Have you tried force closing the app and opening it again?

Could also be worth restarting your phone.

If neither of these work, I would reach out thorugh the in-app chat service

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@Slicknade’s advice should resolve this issue for you but if not get in touch to support via the in-app chat.

I’ve done that, I uninstalled and reinstalled it. I reached out to the chat over an hour ago, saying it was urgent. But no reply

I know in app chat can be busy sometimes. If it is urgent and you can’t wait any longer, you can also email help@monzo.com or call them on 0800 8021 281

Can I ask is this a Solo or joint account?

Solo account. It’s really ruined my day as I needed it for a train ticket and now the prices have gone up by £40 to get a later ticket because I can’t access my funds!

I also can’t buy credit to call them cos I’ve no money in my account

The number above is a freephone number, so shouldn’t cost you any credit to call them

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Do you have fingerprint authentication enabled? Also are you Android or iOS?

Yes and android

it might be worth removing the fingerprint authentication in the app settings, force closing and trying again. Im sure I had a similar issue a while back…

Does it let you delete the pot? It will release all the money into your balance though.

On android click on the pot> the the settings (gear icon) in the top right corner and then the delete icon.

Did it get sorted?

Hopefully you will have got it sorted by now.

What kind of pot is it out of curiosity?

I have a sneaking suspicion it’s a fixed term pot…