RAG Saving Pots

Would it be possible to add a sort of RAG system to the savings pots on the front screen so I can see if I’ve reached the target totals without having to click into them?

100% - Green
75% - 99% - Orange
<75% - Red

Or be able to set my own RAG system by pot

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Can we move this great suggestion to the ‘Ideas’ forum please, lovely Coral Crew people? I’d like to vote for this one!


Level 3 and above can move topics :wink:

I can? had no idea!

What will you do with these newfound powers? Will you use them for good, or for ill?

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Given I can’t actually see HOW to move things around here… I’m gonna say NOT A THING! :rofl:

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Pencil on the title then drop-down the category box.

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