Quidco want their cashback back

My Mum received an email from Quidco wanting £1.55 back as there was an administrative error. They want the money back with a Bank Transfer. If it was a large amount of money, I could understand but £1.55. Customer support won’t back down and just reply with copy and paste answers. They have just lost a customer.

Thought I should post it on here to make others aware on how Quido run their business.


Sounds fair to me.

Why should they give you free money?


If it was taken off future cashback, she would be fine with that but asking for a bank transfer.

Let them send a bailiff round :joy_cat:


For the bad feeling it causes,that’s just not worth asking for. They struggling financially?


Have to agree, for £1.50 - chalk it up to an error (like they’ve said) and make sure the processes don’t mess up again. I would be unlikely to badger them for £1.50 of “missed” cashback so why should they come to me for £1.50 in extra cashback?


"Coming up next on Can’t Pay? We’ll Take it Away!


That would be so funny

Problem with that maybe that they’re not entitled to deny your mum cashback she’s rightfully earned.

They happily take cashback to pay for Premium


Could you imagine :rofl::rofl:

“Hi there, I have a high court enforcement writ of possession for the total sum of £1.50. I am authorised to take goods equalling that sum if the debt is not today paid in full.”

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Plus costs would make it about £400


They’ve already spent more than £1.55 chasing it in staff time probably.
Better for them to focus on reducing the errors rather than chasing small amounts.


I wonder how widespread the issue is(in terms of number people affected)? As that would indicate why they are so bothered. But as other have stated the cost is probably more reclaiming it

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What exactly is your objection to sending it back via bank transfer? You’ve written that like I’m supposed to know what comes at the end of the sentence.


It doesn’t really cost them anything to send out a blast email to everyone and if most payback then they’ve made money, but to be honest I’m very surprised that they bothered the tone of the email isn’t a hey we’ve made a small mistake bla bla.

But if they did the backed for recognising who’s paid back etc for a much larger previous mistake then it’s nothing to just send it out for 1.55


Plus, it’s probably templated with the amount owed being variable and dependant on the recipient so it can be used in any similar situation.

For the sake of £1.55 I’d just pay it and have it over and done with. It’s not worth the risk of ignoring it for such a small amount that you weren’t entitled to anyway :man_shrugging:

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Channel 5 would probably cover that

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I had a similar situation in the past with Quidco where I noticed a cash back come through twice, so I contacted them, and they sent an email of a similar wording. I then wrote back to say I hadn’t taken the money from the account yet, so no need for any back transfer, and they sorted it out.

I have to say it does irritate me a lot that various companies/institutions are always so quick to chase you down for money when they have accidentally overpaid you. But when it’s the other way around and you try to claim back money when they have overcharged you/not given you the correct amount, you have to jump through endless hoops and they fight it at every stage of the way.