Question about British Airways Executive Club Prepaid Card

Quick question about BAEC prepaid card (the one from the executive club app that earns 1pt per £2 spend).

It says in FAQ’s/T&C’s that you cannot get any reward “on any means of digital electronic payment method (including but not limited to bitcoin or casino money)”.

Now I interpret that as you cannot buy anything online and earn avios on it or use Apple Pay to buy anything and earn avios with it. Because the (awful) wording of that implies you have to use the physical card to get the avios. However, surely this cannot be the case?!

Has anyone tried buying something online (eg Amazon, Apple, John Lewis, etc…) and earnt the avios? And has anyone used Apple Pay instead of the physical card and earned avios. I just don’t want to risk tapping Apple Pay or spending online with the card if it doesn’t get me my points :joy:.

ps re-building my credit and paying off debt so I can get an Amex Avios/Barclaycard Avios so this thing will have to do in the mean time hence why I’m stuck with it :rofl:

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There’s a thread, here: BA Avios Prepaid Card

I responded there. @AlanDoe?