Quality of cards?

(Cameron Clough) #65

I’ve had my card about a month and the white paint is rubbing off the numbers already :frowning: I’m debating ordering a replacement card.

(Jack) #66

My guess is it would just happen to the new one so not much point. It seems to be a common theme here.


Going for a cheap card manufacturer will end up costing Monzo more. I have already heard the same “solution” to low quality card problem: “It is not pink enough any more! Order new one, why do you care!?”

I am afraid, it is often the case that an attempt to save money, will end up costing more money. :tired_face:

The nightmare scenario would be customers ordering new cards every month, just like in the post above!

(Cameron Clough) #68

I’ll hold off for now in the hope that we hear of some changes to the manufacturing! @Caanan seems to be right about it probably costing Monzo more if people want replacement cards more often.

(Leon) #69

The phase buy cheap buy twice comes to mind.


How are people finding the white numbering on the front of the card?

My joint account cards white numbers (especially the last 4), have almost completely gone (the white “paint”, not the actual numbers).

(Jack) #71

If you actually rub it it just comes straight off. They are now all hot coral.


Makes it look a bit… tatty?

Not a biggie, more an observation.


The quality of Monzo card needs to be addressed. I undestand that the cost was a massive factor in a prepaid era but now when they approach 1 milllion customers they need to redesign the card (while kepping the colour :joy:) and contract a quality manufacturer :roll_eyes:

(Matt Lynch) #74

I’ve just found this post by chance. I’m a very happy customer with Monzo but feel as others have said that the quality of our debit cards isn’t good enough! There’s very little point in Monzo telling everyone that they’ve passed 1 million customers if cards end up lasting a short period of time.

I’ve chosen to reorder myself a new card from time to time but this means I have to update my card details on numerous websites as each new card has a different 16 digit number. This is unhelpful and very wasteful.

@Caanan is right - Monzo need to contract a quality card manufacturer to produce their debit cards going forward. My son’s Go Henry is much better in terms of quality than my Monzo card - that says something I think!