Q&A with Plum!

(Kyle) #61

Really? I couldn’t see the option after signing in

(Jack) #62

I get this :man_shrugging:t3::


When you click through it you join a waiting list:


Oh no we are sorry to see that! If you could reach out to support and let them know - rather than give your email address on this public forum - they will be able to help and get out tech team to look into it for you.

You can contact them by typing ‘chat to a human’ or emailing help@withplum.com


Thanks for the detailed feedback! Regarding the interface we would love to have a more detailed chat if you would be up for it? If so email daniella@withplum.com to arrange a quick chat.

As you have probably seen in this thread we are looking to build an app in the near future which will hopefully resolve the bulk of the Facebook related issues you experienced.

We are always looking to improve Plum so any feedback is encouraged. We will likely open up a feedback thread in the near future so keep eyes peeled!


This actually looks like an old link!

Current link here :smiley:


We focus on helping you grow your money by saving and investing rather than tracking how you spend.

Our saving algorithm was developed with the help of MIT and CERN so we like to think it’s pretty smart. You can also invest those savings in one of our 7 funds ranging in risk and return (3-23%). You can start investing with just £1, please do remember capital invested is at risk. You can even earn money by referring friends (£25 for every 3 friends). On top of all of that, we make sure you are not being overcharged on things like energy bills and help you switch if you are. We have also been recommended by a few people like moneysavingexpert and our founders come from the likes of Transferwise - so looking out for our users is our bread and butter. We actually partnered with them a few weeks ago to offer a free tool to help fight overseas fees - no you do not need to sign up to Plum to use it.

Oh, and we have Monzo :new_moon_with_face:


So I followed your advice and have only just received a response after 2 days…

… how many customer support ops do you have and do you plan on employing more as Plum scales up?