🔜 Push notification when pre-auth amount changes


It would be great if Monzo sent a push when a pre-auth amount is changed.

Every time I buy petrol I get charged a £1 but never notified when that is changed to the actual amount.

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Also on this. Maybe also when a foreign transaction settles. (Staying settled at so people don’t think they have been charged twice )


I’ve thought about this some more and would love it if I could enter the amount expected, like adding a receipt but allowing you to enter the amount rather than a picture.

Current balance and daily spending would include this amount until it settles. and once settled you could notify and potentially warn about mismatched amounts.


I think this is a great idea.

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I would really like to see this.

I had an issue the other day where on a normal transaction at Tesco (not petrol, just groceries) the amount they collected was different from the initial pending transaction. Still trying to get to the bottom of it and only noticed because I have roundup switched on - so the following day when the transaction cleared it was glaring in my feed as a non-round number.


Yes that would be great!

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This feature would be great.

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Bumping this thread now that we can vote on ideas.

Please vote :+1:

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I have a rule on IFTTT that it sends me an email when I spend over £15

That rule does (or at least did a month ago) fire off on the amount changing, even though there is no push notification


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I’d particularly like to see this due to my recent issues with Tesco! (Normal in shop transactions, not pay at pump etc).

If a company presents for a different amount than the pre-auth, I would like a notification (regardless of the reason, which in Tesco’s case has been using the wrong authorisation code when it comes to presenting).


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+1 For this idea. How do I vote?


At the top of the thread there’s a vote button :blush:


It would also be useful if pending transactions that Monzo knows will change when the transaction settles (eg: Pay at Pump transactions, foreign transactions) were shown in the feed in the same way that pending foreign transactions are currently shown on the iOS app.


With the impending switch from £1 pre authentication with slower ‘correction’ to £99 hold with faster ‘correction’, will (or can) Monzo adapt the notifications to show this process?

As an example, my local Costco petrol station now takes £99 at the terminal, then updates to the correct balance very quickly; I think it was within the hour. There’s no notification for the correct amount from the app. This wasn’t much of a problem when it was only £1 as that probably wouldn’t impact the monthly budgets, but the £99 could make it ‘look’ like you were over budget.


This feature has already been suggested. You can vote for it here:

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Thanks for that, clearly my searching skills aren’t up to scratch!


Want this so much!

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We’re working on this! :eyes:


(Harry Dover) #19

This has been a big issue for me which I wish my current bank did. Can’t wait to try this out myself!


Great to hear!

Will the same functionality be brought to foreign currency transactions on Android?