Pure Black OLED Theme

(Craig James Duffy) #1

Black Apps look epic on OLED screens. With more and more phones taking advantage of this technology it would be really cool to see.

(Leon) #2

So do you want the Monzo app to support a pure black interface?

(Jason williams) #3

Reminds me of hitchhikers guide to the galaxy

“Wow this ship is so cool everything is black press a black button the light lights black to let you know you’ve done it”

(Frank) #4

Yeah to be fair I have made the background and lock screen black on my iPhone X. As I understand it the pixels are off so I should be saving battery :man_shrugging:t2:


Zaphod Beeblebrox was into pure black stuff, too.

[edit] ah, @Jas_williams beat me to it. :+1:

(Craig James Duffy) #6

Yeah, exactly.

I mean, they would obviously have to use an accent colour for UI elements.

(Leon) #7

I have a phone with a AMOLED screen so I understand what you are saying. Let’s see how things go…

(Craig James Duffy) #8

I don’t particularly care about the battery savings. I just think white backgrounds are 1. Ugly and 2. Uncomfortable to look at.

(Frank) #9

Any of you on iOS 11 try smart invert and see what you think. Overall looks great and some apps have have been updated to accommodate it. Others just look completely wrong.

Many tech sites see this as a precursor to night mode for iOS. :sunglasses:

(Frank) #10

I would show you screenshots but the invert doesn’t endure through them. All screenshots just look normal :man_shrugging:t2:

(Craig James Duffy) #11

I would use Smart Invert all the time if my apps supported it.

(Frank) #12

Yeah I think it looks great when it’s working. Really Janky when it’s not.

(James) #13

Here’s what some screens in the Monzo app looks like with Smart Invert on iOS 11. Looks like Monzo doesn’t really support it, but some aspects don’t look too bad.

(Frank) #14

How did you manage to get them? Take a photo of the phone?

(James) #15

Took a screenshot of Quicktime player in ‘Movie Recording’ mode on my laptop


I’d like to see this too - I much prefer dark themes in apps, and can’t be that hard to add a day/night toggle to the app?

(Aj) #17

+1 a “dark” theme would be nice,

Maby include the mondo colours that are used in the logo or maby just navy blue and coral. I think it would look great

(Kolok) #18

Ye I would also appreciate a dark theme

(David Zilvys) #19

I would like this on my android device too :3