Purchase categories for pots

Pots are great but would work even better if you could use company categories to allow direct spend from a pot. This wouldn’t work for every pot but it would be great for some.

An example might be fuel. Say I make a £100 per month pot for fuel. It would be great if that balance automatically goes down if I use the card at a petrol station who has registered a category with you.

Probably a way off but I think the category system exists as I was told my work use them for purchasing cards.

Would be a great additional functionality but understand if it is a tad hard to achieve.

People have been doing this – via IFTTT – for a while. Basically you spend from your main balance and the IFTTT triggers a deposit from a pot (effectively replacing the money you spent) based on the vendor (I think). Obviously means you need to have a balance sufficient to pay initially, as it’s a bit of a workaround.


Also doesn’t play nice with pay at pump currently if I remember correctly, not sure if that’s what you use @pwit

What you’ve described is what budgets are designed for. Set a transport budget and it will track your transport spend against the time passed in the current period.

It doesn’t separate the money from the rest of your balance but if you use summary rather than your ‘balance now’ as your guide to what you’ve got left it works


Pay at pump is always an issue but I think that depends on the shop a bit as well anyway. To give an example, Tesco usually say Tesco PFS whilst Sainsburys just says Sainsburys in the shop as well as at the pump.

I’m assuming the option of uploading pictures of receipts may be with something like this in mind. If you tie in text recognition it might be possible spit bills by type. At the moment I tend to split might shopping at the till to deal with that issue.

What’s the pay at pump issue you’re referring to?

I was just noting that sometimes the category system thinks fuel is food. I think @HoddzDJ is saying that transferring after a transaction may not work well with pay at pump because they clear about £100 before they start and take up to a week to confirm the amount.

You can change a category at any time and it moves the amount to the right category