Pulse on Android

Hey :slight_smile:

Is this a new feature that has been released? I noticed it when I logged onto the app this morning, and it definitely wasn’t there yesterday. I think it’s a great feature! Really useful to visually see my spending habits.

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It appears after a month of use.


Ahh! I changed phones recently, so does it reset pulse if you change phones, and it appears a month after using the app on a new device?

Did you have it on your old phone?

I can’t remember seeing Pulse on my old phone either sorry. Does it activate after you’ve built up a spending history for it to analyse? All I know is that it appeared on the app for me on my new phone for the first time today. I think it’s a really great, and it’s really allowed me to analyse my spending habits. :slight_smile:

Exactly right :grinning:

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