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I made a similar suggestion to this in response to a post on the Starling forum so thought I’d share it here too:

Some banks (I’m looking at you, First Direct) shout about Customer Service and not having to speak to a ‘robot’ but what if challenger banks like Monzo went one step further and shared stats for Customer Service response stats like:

  • Average/quickest/slowest response times for chat & email
  • The same for calls + % of calls answered within 20 secs and maybe some call abandonment stats

These (especially answering calls within 20 secs) tend to be industry standard KPIs for monitoring response times.

I know Intercom chat shows a ‘typically responds in x hours’ stat but I think Monzo would be ahead of the game if they shared some sort of public dashboard for CS queries. I know I’d be more likely to join a brand new bank if I knew they’d reply to my queries or answer my calls in x mins/secs.

What do we think?


Great idea. Would be good if all new banks and neobanks like Monzo, Starling, Monese, Fire, etc jointly agreed to do so and agreed a standard so they all present same data in same format


agree, especially in light of the talk last week at the open office about transparency

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No other bank shares this data, this would help to make Monzo stand out. Nobody/no organisation is perfect, and as long as you explain why the results are what they are like, and what is being done to change them, then that actually shows that the organisation is aiming to improve.

If you know you know :joy_cat:


Awesome idea! This is something we’d love to do in the future! The main challenge is presenting it in a way which is really useful to the customer - there are a few great examples of this like Spark in New Zealand, which we could borrow from. It’s likely to be most useful in it’s context, so telling you how long it will take when you are starting a chat.

The other challenge is that we need to make a tradeoff between timely and delightful service. We could reply to everyone instantly if we sent them a copy and pasted response which didn’t answer their question :wink:

I gave a talk about this kind of thing, and how we make sure we delight our customers better, at an event in Glasgow a few weeks ago


My account stopped working after I received transfer from my brother.

I contacted Support on Sunday but there was no one to address it on that day. The person on the chat seems to have sent standard message and ignores me since - FIRST RESPOSE WAS QUICK BUT NO FOLLOW UP. When i opened another chat i was told to continue in the original window as it only complicates it for the team that deals with that.

No deadline when issue will be solved, no reaponse on part of Monzo, 0 info. Money blocked and card can’t be used nor funds transferred back or anywhere else.

Can I get support and clear guidance on that monzo team?

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Hi. Sorry but the community can’t help you with this. You’ll have to speak to customer support in the app and wait for them to unblock your account

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HI @Bogavante89, we’re truly sorry for the delay in response. Like @Rat_au_van said, it’s best to keep your query within the in-app chat, but we’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as we possibly can.


It was stressful as I waited for a long time for a decision, and there was no clarity in the process. Eventually, Monzo solved the issue and I have had good experiences since. The customer service responds fast to other queries. I now use Monzo as one of my main accounts.