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Why do you think making development more expensive would produce cheaper developments?

Strange, I don’t recall saying that?

And yet it only accounts for 20% of housing stock.

In any case, that a wealthy country cannot provide decent affordable housing for all of its citizens is a source of shame.

If a wealthy country blocks development, housing will get expensive. It’s that simple.

Those poor developers again, they just can’t catch a break! Now they’re struggling to find places to build. It’s such a shame.

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Hi Francesco,

Proptee sounds very similar to PropertyPartner, which I invest in. Is it intended to be the same or are there any key differences?


Hi Andrew!

Proptee is a commission free exchange, not a crowdfunding site like Property Partner. On Proptee, landlords can list full or partial equity in their properties for sale. Being purely an exchange allows Proptee to be a lot more liquid than Property Partner.

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No, it’s potentially 226,500 families. This is the thing about property investors, it’s just numbers on a spreadsheet to them, but it’s people they are screwing over.

Why are there 200,000 empty homes just in England and 26,500 in Wales? Either landlords are just sat on property for the capital gain but they won’t provide for others, or they are homes that aren’t fit for human habitation through neglect. Boils my urine it really does.

To put 226,500 homes into perspective, there are 142,000 households in Cardiff, 103,000 in Swansea. That’s Wales’ two biggest cities, empty.


Yes taking the first google result is truly great research. Especially when the result is an editorial.

If developers make so much money hoarding land, why do they ever develop? What would be the point?

0.5% is 0.5%. According to the Department for Communities and Local Government, the number of empty homes is at the lowest level they have ever recorded, not that you care. And they aren’t even all private homes - there are long term empty council houses, which I’m sure is somehow greedy private developers fault too right?

That’s interesting - thanks. So it relies on existing BTL property owners putting shares of their properties on the site. Have you had many properties?

Hey Andrew,

Since we are not open yet we can’t list any property, but we have a considerable list of owners waiting to join us ASAP, and we have been getting things going with them.

There will be enough to choose from at launch and we will keep onboarding new properties constantly.

I’m not sure this is a problem left to solve. A number of established platforms and indeed REITs already channel investment into new housing and forms of housing rental that fill genuine need gaps, not competing with first time buyers and homeowners. Ours is called Assetz Exchange and there are some others. Our focus is mainly supported living homes alongside charities and also delivering serviced plots for people to have their own eco home built. Our sister company Assetz Capital also has a £1bn+ funding history and track record of funding delivery of around 1 in 12 new homes by small and medium sized house builders. That shows it is attractive to investors and builders alike so yes investors like property backed investment but seem to prefer things that help solve the housing crisis not contribute to it. Never a good idea to bet against government policy either !