Profile Photos and Pot Photos not working at all

Issue: No types of custom photos working, not for profile picture or a pot.

Details to reproduce: Just trying to set a picture.
OS: IOS 13.5
Device: iPhone XS
App Version: 3.63.1


Hi. It’s probably a cache thing. I think you can clear it in the app, if not, the usual delete/phone off/reinstall dance will fix it.

You can clear the apps cache in the phone settings too. (andriod)

When you say “not working” what exactly do you mean? Do you get an error, is the picture just not showing? Or do you mean it’s not letting you upload one? If it’s the latter it could be permissions related.

I have tried everything suggested here, and still no success.

When I press upload, and choose a picture, it then loads for a few seconds and just stays blank like you can see in the screenshot I uploaded.