Profile Edit/Change

I couldnt find this within the forum, but i wanted to know is there a way of editing/changing my profile name within the forum?

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Click on your pic top right then the cog icon, it will be there under preferences.

You can change name there but not sure of actual username

It looks like you can’t change your username but you can change your display name.

It looks like Monzo could allow you to change your username for a longer period of time after you join -

but that would break any @ mentions that you’ve had so far :grimacing:

Thanks looks like I can’t any more.


Might be time to start taking self defense classes :wink:

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Though according to the link, I can get a PM/Moderator to change it

Is that the case? If so who would I need to speak to?

That would be @naji or @Zainab but since it looks like they’d be changing that setting for all users & it would cause the issue I mentioned, I’m not sure it’s a good idea - although maybe they’ll feel differently.

@Naji or @Zainab could you please assist in this matter?

Sure, could you just PM me with what you would like to change your name to?

I hear you @alexs I’m prepared to start over if need be

But if it’s not possible then I’ll suck it up

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Denzel voice My Man!!!

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I’ve PMd you sir


Just wondered is there a way change ones username on the Monzo Forum at all ?

You can’t, no - it can only be done by admin it seems

Send a private message to one of the Monzo team @Naji can do this for you.

There is a thread about this;

@Luv2Sly Hey Toby, just DM me with what you’d like to change it to and I will sort :+1:

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who currently can change usernames for us ?

Jeez how did you find this topic :scream:

That would be @simonb or @AlanDoe (second time I’ve tagged them today for account changes, they’re gonna love me :joy:)

first one I found searching for username change, that didn’t mention monzo me

I was only kidding :slight_smile: They generally get autolocked after 6 month, this one is over 2 year :open_mouth: :birthday: