Problem with 'See My Accounts'

Hi there, I was trying to set up the ‘See My Accounts’ feature in the Monzo app by connecting to my Santander accounts, Trouble is in their authentication Santander send me a one time password; but when I go out of Monzo app to get the text message I can’t then get back to where I need to be to enter the one time code?

When you receive the text with the OTP, are you not able to / given the option to copy the code from the SMS notification rather than navigate out of the current app (no clue what OS you’re on, but I can do this on Android).

Failing that, perhaps you can change the preference on the Santander app to provide authentication via your fingerprint/face scan instead of SMS? I don’t have Santander so not sure if this is possible.

I believe that this can be changed. The way the flow works for me (on iOS) is that tapping the link takes me to the Santander app, and authentication is via Face ID.

Generally, tapping in the text field will bring up the code from messages in iOS, but I’m not sure if it works in Monzo, as I haven’t had to use it.