Proactive Customer Service


Ha! No I didn’t!

Where’s my damn apology!? :joy:

Did you escalate your comment from before?

Monzo are very good at saying sorry!

(Ray) #22

Maybe yours is on the way @nickh! No escalation aside from a pm to @simonb on here, this was completely unexpected. I was confused as my birthday isn’t for another six months! :joy:


Haha, very good of them.

Hand written as well! I haven’t had to use a pen for so long… Not sure I’d have the stamina to write that much anymore :joy:

(Ray) #24

I think it might be a printed card intended to look like handwriting (the address on the envelope has “UK” after the postcode which you wouldn’t write normally), hence why I suspect a few of these have gone out to people :grinning:


:open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth: No!? They wouldn’t deceive us like this!! :joy:

If anything, it may have been someone’s hand writing that was then copied and pasted onto different cards - I’d be amazed (and secretly impressed) if that was solely a computer.

(Ray) #26

That’s what I meant!! Anyway, the sentiment is very much appreciated :slight_smile:

Other companies should recognise that little things like this really make a difference.


Computers wouldn’t write on a non-straight line, at least not with such failure. :grin: Personally, I love this sort of thing from a bank, despite people seeing it as a gimmick. When staff are empowered, they really can help and from experience do care, and this is the result.


That’s cute :bear:


I can only comment, granted not Monzo, as someone who has seen similar with Atom. I raised an issue, and they posted a card, days later outside their work hours (we’re not far away) they called into my office to check I’d received it and to talk. Really makes a difference.

(Simon B) #30

It was a handwritten card, I raised this issue internally to figure out what happened, and June did ask if I felt it would be appropriate to send you a card, @rayoxmale :purple_heart:

(Ray) #31

Thank you @simonb, I had assumed that it was a printed thing sent out to a lot of people in a similar position! I appreciate the gesture very much :+1::hugs:

(so going to try and convince everyone to join Monzo now)