Private Reg - anyone got a spare £35M?

I had to re-read the price several times for it to sink in;

Who on earth…? (:racing_car:)
And as if the last £9,995 really matters :astonished:

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Ah but it makes the price look more scientifically generated!

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There is a 25% sale on - so it’s not too bad. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: R-

I’d get a private plate, but with me having a common name anything remotely good is expensive.

I have one - but it cost less than £500. R-

Don’t want to shock you, but you’re the first Kolok I’ve ever met.


I’ve got 2 private plates.

One I bought about 8 years ago for £250 was valued last year at £3,000.

The other I bought 2 years ago when I found out that the DVLA don’t just release new regs each year. They in fact release more variants of M reg plates and stuff periodically.

I used to work for a company buying and selling reg numbers

I still don’t get why people waste money on them


The same could be said of almost any purchase and after all it is our money to spend how we wish. R-

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Mine hasn’t been wasted so far :crossed_fingers:

Do you transfer it when you get a new car or keep it on retention?

There’s rumours every few years that they’ll ban buying them but can’t see it as the government makes a fortune from them

Transfer. R-

I transfer but I believe it’s free to have a plate on retention now? Both my plates are in use, one on my car and the other on my motorbike.

I will probably never sell them but I too can’t see a sale ban happening, especially when there are so many resellers.

I believe the £80 charge is still in place to put a plate on retention, what got removed was the £25 annual charge to keep it there. R-

Ordered - will look great on my wheels



Ahhh yeah that’s it!

I’ve no problem with private plates, per se, but I do object to seeing illegally spaced numberplates as people try to make a numberplate fit their name. So irritating.


Playing silly buggers with screws and coloured screw covers when you can’t quite get the letter/number you wanted is the one that really gets my goat. No doubt illegal, but doesn’t seem to stop some people.

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Also known as the Illuminati, so quite comon.

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And it’s illegal. Contrary to section 59(1) of the Vehicle Excise and Registration Act 1994. … £100 fine and risk that DVLA will remove entitlement to the number.

I can confirm that, that too, is illegal. :+1: