Private company valuations

Scott Galloway’s prediction for next year - valuations of private company unicorns will be cut in half. From the ‘pivot’ podcast.

This follows his remarkable call on weworks fall from grace.

You can see FinTechs racing to generate income as they struggle to justify valuations. Will be interesting to see how this plays out.

My personal opinion is that private valuations are mad but what are your thoughts?

Private Valuations have always been mad to those who aren’t in the industry (I’m not either but I’m guessing that SOMEWHERE saying that a company like Gusto is worth X when it hasn’t even turned a profit is ‘not mad’?).

I read this on my commute this morning:

Pick a ‘startup’ that is valued in the BILLIONS and most not making a profit. But then valuations, funding etc rarely deal in terms of real cash anyway.