Pret a Monzo ☕

(Herp Derp) #57

Reminds me of bird seed

(Peter Shillito) #58

I’m about 25 miles from my nearest Pret in Chester, where they’ve probably never heard of Monzo. I think I’m good.

(NM) #59

Also what happens if you’re allergic to nuts (anaphylaxis) like my sister. Would have been better to offer a small hot drink…

(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #60

Pret themselves have said (on Twitter) that you can swap it for something else.


Ask them for an alternative nicely. :grinning: (Same if you have other restrictions).

(Margo) #62

Is this promotion for all Monzo customers or just those who shop at Pret? If it’s prompted by the year in review that’s fine. But when I saw it in my app my first thought was that Monzo had been selling my data - is this the case? Really not into that tbh.

(Nathan Steer) #63

The offer is for all Monzo customers, Monzo are simply alerting people to the offer that they know visit pret regularly.

(Martin Jones) #65

It’d be nice for Monzo to create a IFTTT for receipts for Pret, its looks like they have a good relationship already and I sure if wont be massively hard to implement, be better for Monzo to integrate this rather than flux each time. It will build trust and reportation in the brand


Monzo have created the API to allow third parties to create in app receipts. It’s up to the retailers to either process through Flux (which I would imagine would be quicker for them to sort out) or ask Monzo if they can work directly :+1:

(Nathan Steer) #67

The back and forth between Monzo and Pret on Twitter today is adorable :heart_eyes: :joy:

(NM) #68

Can you post some of it, I don’t have twitter :joy:

(Nathan Steer) #69

Here’s one I particularly liked

(Andy) #70

My experience was entirely positive. Two young office workers ahead of me REALLY excited to get a free thing. The staff were excited to give them away. Envy from fellow shoppers. I don’t normally shop at Pret for lunch so, as far as I can tell, everybody wins!

Oh, and those bars taste great. They look healthy with all the bird seed but underneath they have a delicious layer of caramel. Would eat again.

(Lancelot Payne) #71

Just went myself

Was lovely :slight_smile: thanks Monzo

(Tristan Thomas) #72


Well, if that time is today.

(Lancelot Payne) #73

It’s all love @tristan doesn’t just have to be today :slight_smile:

(Alex) #74

Both Monzo and Pret’s social media teams are killing it today :ok_hand:

(Sacha Zarb) #75

The love for this on all social media is something else, great work Pret and Monzo

(Colin Robinson) #76

No love here today :broken_heart:

(Dan) #77

Thanks Monzo and Pret! The love bar was actually really tasty!